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nucleus-next: Commit

Nucleus CMSの新リリースを準備するためのリポジトリ。現在はNucleus CMS 4.0にマージするためのコードをコミットしている。

Commit MetaInfo

Revisiond662fa8749913c8fded8e4b83562a6303878431c (tree)
Zeit2012-07-01 01:49:03
Autorsakamocchi <o-takashi@saka...>

Log Message

MERGE: リビジョン1894〜1990

Revision 1894:
CHANGE: make setlocale() do in include_translation()
The aim of this patch is preventing from E_NOTICE/E_STRICT/E_WARNING
generated by time/date-related function. If the PHP process has no
locale settings, these functions generate these messages.
What is that PHP process has locale settings:
setlocale() is executed in the script in advance of executing
time/date-related functions.
To confirm this, this patch executes setlocale() in
include_translation() in globalfunctions.php, refering to
i18n::get_current_locale() or i18n::get_forced_locale().
But there are some problems:
1. Some translation files executes setlocale() when they are included.
2. Some templates includes LOCALE template and Template:read() execute
setlocale() with it.
3. <%archivedate%> can given locale argument and execute setlocale()
with it.
4. The arguments of setlocale() depends on each implement of C library.
This causes apparent difference between Windows and the others.
To solve these:
1. Remove for unification of setlocale()
2. Remove for unification of setlocale()
3. Deprecate for unification of setlocale()
4. Add _LOCALE_IN_WINDOWS constant value in each translation files and
include_translation() include it when the server is running under
windows operating system.

Revision 1895:
supplemental for previous commit
I did fail to patch for ja_Jpan_JP.EUC-JP.php at 1894.

Revision 1896:
FIX: reference issue
Making arguments be passed by reference > Function arguments @ php.net
According to PHP document, the value with reference:
A. can be written in arguments of functions or class methods
B. can't be given to arguments of calling functions or class methods
In this grammer,
A. function hoge(&$data) is OK
B. hoge(&$data) isn't OK
And if we want to give array as argument for calling function or class
methods, we should put array to a variable once.
This commit modify some codes related to these points

Revision 1897:
ADD: give an argument for template name to <%commentnavlist%> tag
Add missing argument for AdminActions::parse_commentnavlist().
And modify the comment of AdminActions::parse_itemnavlist()

Revision 1898:
ADD: E_STRICT for $CONF['debug'] mode
Previously E_ALL is set for $CONF['debug'] mode but E_STRICT should also
be applied.

Revision 1899:
FIX: Strict Standards Errors
Some codes generates Strict Standards Errors. This commit fix these.

Revision 1890:
FIX: enable update scripts to run previous version
We changed upgrades scripts with some functions added in 4.0 but it's
wrong. This commit
fix it and add some codes for 4.0.

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