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2018-06-13 17:12
Hello, I've downloaded the source code of the JVM version 0.4.8 and I've modified something in it. My question is, h...
2018-06-07 18:19
Hello, I am developing a quite simple application for a ATID pocket PC with Windows CE 5.00 and 128 Mb. The applica...
2018-06-05 23:37
First of all, many thanks for publishing this JVM, it has helped me a lot, and in case of most applications, it works...
2015-06-08 21:53
Hi All, Am using mysaifui with Motorola device error java.awt.AWTError: parent.getPeer() appeared i used #21269 chan...
2012-03-11 06:19
I have an application that nakes a window on the scree using AWT. If the user closes the screen by clicking top righ...


2012-08-15 15:37

Fantastic job, many thanks for telling

2012-07-31 16:43

winCE6.0 in moblie can run?

2012-06-11 07:36

When does it run Under Win CE 6 or 7 on Wondermedia SoCs wm8505, wm8650 ... ....

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