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multi-project: Commit

Multi-project simplifies working with different projects in Emacs by providing support for creating, deleting, and searching with projects. Multi-project
supports interactively finding a file within a project by using a TAGS file.

Commit MetaInfo

Revisiond97b98dae74be3637e4ba850cb679d74d8c9edfa (tree)
Zeit2019-02-18 06:03:45
AutorShawn Ellis <shawn.ellis17@gmai...>
CommiterShawn Ellis

Log Message

Added tag v0.0.30, multi-project.el for changeset bebc10d79440

Ändern Zusammenfassung


diff -r bebc10d79440 -r d97b98dae74b .hgtags
--- a/.hgtags Sun Feb 17 13:32:07 2019 -0300
+++ b/.hgtags Sun Feb 17 15:03:45 2019 -0600
@@ -1,1 +1,3 @@
11 24708e6fb0c40234aed2c5aa0fec3c2e5ce096a9 0.0.26
2+bebc10d7944010a89996f4fe9aeeb1de0d3e19db v0.0.30
3+bebc10d7944010a89996f4fe9aeeb1de0d3e19db multi-project.el
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