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multi-project: Commit

Multi-project simplifies working with different projects in Emacs by providing support for creating, deleting, and searching with projects. Multi-project
supports interactively finding a file within a project by using a TAGS file.

Commit MetaInfo

Revisionbc7a89294e9417566ff6cccb550bd0bf29bdd32f (tree)
Zeit2019-11-17 17:50:36
AutorShawn Ellis <shawn.ellis17@gmai...>
CommiterShawn Ellis

Log Message

Updated the location of the project selection graphic.

Ändern Zusammenfassung


diff -r 99928b6ed85a -r bc7a89294e94 README.md
--- a/README.md Mon Nov 04 11:58:45 2019 +0800
+++ b/README.md Sun Nov 17 16:50:36 2019 +0800
@@ -23,4 +23,5 @@
2323 The image below shows the selection of a project from the project window and
2424 then using the multi-project find-file to filter the project files.
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