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multi-project: Commit

Multi-project simplifies working with different projects in Emacs by providing support for creating, deleting, and searching with projects. Multi-project
supports interactively finding a file within a project by using a TAGS file.

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Revision2f03ef533b85732a269ca167b9b621d829b4e0d6 (tree)
Zeit2018-12-31 04:51:21
AutorShawn Ellis <shawn.ellis17@gmai...>
CommiterShawn Ellis

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Updated the documentation to explain how to create a new project.

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diff -r fe1971d15c60 -r 2f03ef533b85
--- a/ Sun Dec 30 13:34:42 2018 -0600
+++ b/ Sun Dec 30 17:51:21 2018 -0200
@@ -5,14 +5,22 @@
55 Multi-project supports interactively finding a file within a project or
66 automatically switching the TAGS file for symbol lookup.
8-To use multi-project just add the following lines within your
9-.emacs file:
8+Add the lines below in your .emacs file to use multi-project:
1110 ```elisp
1211 (require 'multi-project)
1312 (multi-project-mode)
1413 ```
15+## Creating a New Project ##
17+1. Type C-x pn to create a new project.
18+2. Provide the name of the project, project directory, and the initial cursor position within the project. For example, a src directory could be used for the initial cursor position.
19+3. C-x pj to jump to the new created project.
1621 ## Switching Projects ##
23+The image below shows the selection of a project from the project window and
24+then using the multi-project find-file to filter the project files.
1826 ![Multi-project-recording.gif](
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