Manjaro Linux Community Editions.

Releases of Manjaro Linux with alternative Desktop Environments and Window Managers.

Maintained by Manjaro Team Members.

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2019-09-20 03:59
Rezensionen von thuanhhps07267

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Best distro for everyone. Thank you for creating Manjaro Deepin Edition

2019-08-14 07:39
Rezensionen von oldrocker99

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As a Ubuntu user since 8.04, I hit a wall trying to compile Aqualung, my go-to music player, which is gapless, yet again. I installed Manjaro MATE (the only desktop I will ever use from now on), installed Aqualung, and watched delightedly as the system compiled the program in under 5 minutes. The AUR is heavenly, and I read a 5-year Arch user saying that he hasn't had anything broken from the AUR. I still dual-boot with Ubuntu MATE, to whom I pay a small Patreon contribution, simply because the UM devs are the developers of MATE itself. I'm spending 90% of my time on this faster, only slightly obtuse, very useful system. I'm hooked.

2019-08-10 01:00
Rezensionen von ludwik

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super distro 5 stars best od windows

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