KiCad is an open-source electronics CAD tool. You can create schematics and design PCBs using an extensive open source library of parts. View your resulting PCBs in 3D and export to gerbers for manufacturing.

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2021-07-17 08:26
Rezensionen von feralbeagle

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It works as expected and I found no surprises. The limitations help focus work on PCB design instead of getting the tool set up to do the work. It's fast and easy. I really like this tool. I donate every year I use it.
Easy to learn. Unlimited usage. All the basic features are in place and some advanced features are included. The reliability is excellent when compared to It some commercial products that crash a lot. Support is available and responsive. It is an impressive project.
The development cycle is slow. Some features are still missing.

2021-07-05 23:39
Rezensionen von Agent 86

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Kicad has come a long way towards being a professional level tool for schematic capture and PCB layout.I have used big money packages in previous jobs, but now that I work independently I am very happy with Kicad. It does everything I need.

2021-06-15 19:22
Rezensionen von RS_NZ

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Meets requirements well - straightforward to use in most areas

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