Kazehakase is a Web browser which aims to provide a user interface that is truly user-friendly & fully customizable. It supports tabbed browsing, a "remote bookmark" feature (through RSS) in a menu or sidebar, a variable UI to adapt to the user's skill level, and customizable mouse gestures and key accelerators.


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Veröffentlicht: 2004-06-29 00:45
kazehakase Kazehakase-0.1.7 (3 files Verstecken)





* Full-text search in history (Hiroyuki Ikezoe)
* Migemo (Japanese incremental search) support (Hidetaka Iwai)
* Drag and drop in the bookmark bar (Hiroyuki Ikezoe)
* External programs preference (Hidetaka Iwai)
* Popup tab list action (Hiroyuki Ikezoe)
* Password manager (Hiroyuki Ikezoe)
* Support for Mozilla 1.7rc2, 1.7rc3, 1.7 and 1.8a (Hiroyuki Ikezoe)

Fixed bugs

* The unstability of the download box
* Crash when Delete key is pressed in the text cell on the bookmark editor
* Crash when the link is dropped on the bookmark bar
* Crash when Enter key is pressed in Google Entry without text
* Non-responce of bookmark items on the bookmark bar on second window.
* Crash when remote bookmark updates after secondary window is closed.