IMMENSITY Kernel is created to Immensely improve your Device's overall Performance, Battery Efficiency and Stability. And to provide a Better Experience.

It is Based on Optimus Drunk kernel by GtrCraft

// What does it Offers? //

-> Upstream till the latest Linux version.

-> Inlined With Latest CAF tag.

-> Compiled with Clang 8

-> Mainline Linux Patches for CFQ I/O.

-> Converted Many Subsystems to use Power-efficient work queues.

-> Many Optimizations Regarding EAS scheduling and fairness.

-> Optmized to get the best Possible CPU Idle time.

- > Init: Various Code Optimizations to Speed up Device.

- > Removed Debugging and Logging.

-> Optimized gen_irq subsystem [Better Sleep ;)

-> Event-Based CPU boosting Improvements for faster app launches, Screen unlock delay, Switching Between Diffrent apps and etc.

-> Optimized with SHA/CRYPTO Algorithms.

-> TCP :- Westwood optimized to get better network consistency & faster Transfer speed rate.

-> High Performace Audio enabled by Default.

-> Set Gpu idle freq to 133Mhz.

-> USB FAST CHARGE enabled by Default.

-> Optimized Thermal: cpu_cooling.

-> Fixed many Memory Leaks.

-> Many Memory Improvements.

-> Dynamic Stune Boost.

-> CPU Input Boosting.

-> DevFreq Boosting.

-> Adreno Boost.

-> Backlight Dimmer

-> High Brightness Mode

-> Enabled Fsync and CRC Mechanism [Optional]

-> Vibration Intensity Control

-> KCAL Support

-> Power Suspend Driver.

-> Adreno Idler.

-> State Notifier Control.

-> Extreme kernel's Sound Control.

-> Legendary DTS Eagle Sound Optimization.

-> Msm Thermal Optimizations.

-> Potter: Focus Fix Inside

-> Build With Anykernal2 for an Easy Flash through TWRP

Thanks To all the Developers

That Worked on Previous ODP

And to those Devs whose Commits i Picked.


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