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Revisionc2621f726b2f0742091698a6d6d2c6d876e7456c (tree)
Zeit2020-07-03 10:42:41
AutorEric Branlund <ebranlund@fast...>
CommiterEric Branlund

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--- a/HengbandChangeLog.html.en
+++ b/HengbandChangeLog.html.en
@@ -11,6 +11,48 @@
1111 <P><A HREF="index.html.en">Binaries</A> | <A HREF="HengbandEnglishScreenshot.html.en">English screen shot</A> | <A HREF="HengbandJapaneseScreenshot.html.en">Japanese screen shot</A> | <A HREF="HengbandFeedback.html.en">Feedback</A> | <A HREF="HengbandSourceCode.html.en">Source code</A> | Changes | <A HREF="HengbandChangeLog-1-6-2.html.en">1.6.2 Changes</A>
1212 <H1>Changes</H1>
1313 <OL>
14+ <LI>July 2, 2020. includes the following changes:
15+ <UL>
16+ <LI>Fixed bug: initialize displayed state of the "big tiles" setting
17+ in the menu from the stored value rather than always setting it to
18+ true.
19+ <LI>Configured so the writable game files are put in
20+ <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband-2.2.1</CODE> rather than
21+ <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband</CODE>. You may delete
22+ <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband</CODE> if you don't want to retain the
23+ high scores file and previously saved games. If you want to carry
24+ over the high scores file or previously saved games you could
25+ <OL>
26+ <LI>Rename <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband</CODE> to
27+ <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband-2.2.1</CODE> prior to running the new
28+ version.
29+ <LI>Copy the contents of <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband/apex</CODE> to
30+ <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband-2.2.1/apex</CODE> and the contents of
31+ <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband/save</CODE> to
32+ <CODE>~/Documents/Hengband-2.2.1/save</CODE> after running the
33+ new version.
34+ </OL>
35+ <LI>The executable was compiled on Mac OS X 10.15.5 rather than
36+ Mac OS X 10.14.6. If you encounter problems with versions of
37+ Mac OS X prior to 10.15, please let me know.
38+ <LI>Made minor changes to English messages:
39+ <OL>
40+ <LI>The short description for the Trump realm wasn't cleared
41+ properly on the birth screen.
42+ <LI>Changed English diary entries about gender and personality
43+ selection so "gender" appears in the one for gender and
44+ "personality" in the one about personality.
45+ <LI>Changed diary entry about realm selection to put "and" between
46+ the realms if there are two and to pluralize "realm" as
47+ appropriate.
48+ <LI>Corrected typo in a rumor.
49+ <LI>Dropped period in a knowledge menu item for consistency with
50+ the rest of the menu.
51+ </OL>
52+ <LI>Changed to initialize the effective group ID and effective user
53+ ID before calling init_angband(). Has no apparent effect with
54+ Hengband but is necessary for Hengband 1.6.2.
55+ </UL>
1456 <LI>March 28, 2020. includes the following changes:
1557 <UL>
1658 <LI>Fixed regression: changing the font or tile set during character
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