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Hold files served by's web server for the hengbandforosx project.

Commit MetaInfo

Revision25b0e3a75d622501073110b3aeb5c4ba1f5a8e36 (tree)
Zeit2020-08-27 13:31:19
AutorEric Branlund <ebranlund@fast...>
CommiterEric Branlund

Log Message

Updated since the code for the OS X version based on is now in the version-2-2-1 branch.

Ändern Zusammenfassung


--- a/HengbandSourceCode.html.en
+++ b/HengbandSourceCode.html.en
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
1818 version based on Hengband 1.6.2, from
1919 <A HREF=""></A>
2020 or clone the git repository, git:// .
21- Within the git repository, the master branch corresponds to the
21+ Within the git repository, the version-2-2-1 branch corresponds to the
2222 version based on and the version-1-6-2 branch corresponds to
2323 the version based on 1.6.2.
2424 <P>If you cloned the git repository and want to compile the code, you'll
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