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hengbandosx: Liste der Commits

The master and develop branches track hengband.

OS X development happens on the version-1-6-2, version-2-2-1, and develop-cocoa branches.

Rev. Zeit Autor
27ae81a cmd-action-english-edits 2021-01-28 05:18:07 Eric Branlund

Correct subject-verb agreement in English message ("nothing" is singular).

c8d4f88 2021-01-28 05:13:55 Eric Branlund

In English message, inserted a definite article to be more idiomatic.

06bf66a 2021-01-28 05:10:11 Eric Branlund

For readability, change English dismount message to present tense and change the verb used.

56d5809 2021-01-28 04:55:43 Eric Branlund

For readability of an English message, replaced "do" followed by a gerund with a simple verb.

e4fdbd8 blue-magic-english-edits 2021-01-28 04:08:17 Eric Branlund

For readability, inserted a definite article in the English messages about angry summons that did not already have the article.

7f8fa37 2021-01-28 04:05:39 Eric Branlund

Correct subject-verb agreement in English message.

8ed5495 develop-cocoa 2021-01-28 03:41:30 Eric Branlund

Merge branch 'develop' into develop-cocoa

f808e0c develop 2021-01-27 21:39:18 deskull

[Fix] #41340 修行僧が軽装で加速しない不具合を修正. / Fixed monks wouldn't accelerate in light arming.

ec8b4fb 2021-01-27 20:14:55 Hourier

Merge branch 'feature/fix-calc-status' into develop

e5299a0 2021-01-27 18:56:22 Hourier

Merge branch 'feature/Fix-Fresh-After' into develop

e641ea7 2021-01-27 17:41:15 dis-

[Fix] GF_STAR_HEALの処理でclone monsterが実行される

afa9764 autopick-english-edits 2021-01-27 11:58:24 Eric Branlund

Use "deleted" rather than "delete" for English future perfect tense.

e50d9ed 2021-01-27 11:54:33 Eric Branlund

Corrected English spelling mistake.

2708f33 2021-01-27 11:51:21 Eric Branlund

"junk" (as in useless stuff) is a collective noun and doesn't need a "s" to be plural.

898e9aa english-alpha-splash-screen-2 2021-01-27 09:09:20 Eric Branlund

Include English version of alpha version title for splash screen.

8fde3de 2021-01-27 08:23:09 deskull

[Fix] #41342 忍者の盾なし隠密加算が全職に入っていた不具合を修正. / Fix Ninja's stealth bonus added to all classes.

* if文で一度忍者かどうかを囲わないといけなかった。

b6a8ed4 2021-01-27 01:11:44 Eric Branlund

Merge branch 'develop' into develop-cocoa

39984e0 2021-01-26 23:38:27 dis-

[Fix] fresh-afterコマンドの修正

d08332e 2021-01-26 23:36:43 Hourier

Merge branch 'feature/Fix-Class-Table' into develop

be4e310 2021-01-26 23:17:48 dis-

Merge branch 'feature/Fix-Stealth-Pval-Description' into develop

a6fc9b9 2021-01-26 23:12:55 dis-

Merge branch 'feature/Fix-Potion-Shatter' into develop

14e73f6 2021-01-26 23:01:51 dis-

Merge branch 'feature/bounty-endless-loop' into develop

3fe661a 2021-01-26 22:49:05 dis-

[Fix] 攻撃回数の上限がおかしい

c02230e 2021-01-26 22:36:09 deskull

[Fix] #41316 賞金首生成時に判明したget_mon_num_prep(), get_mon_num()のバグ修正 / Fix get_mon_num_prep(), get_mon_num() found by process bounty selection.

* get_mon_num_prep()時、条件を通った後ダンジョンごとのMONSTER_DIV修正でprop値が0になる部分を最低1保証.
* 最低階層処理をget_mon_num()に回したことに伴う、prep値とtotal値の食い違いを修正.

0eebfb1 2021-01-26 21:40:19 deskull

[Fix] #41316 get_mon_num() の最小生成階範囲処理ミスを修正. / Fix min level range of get_mon_num().

8803e08 2021-01-26 21:39:38 Hourier

[Fix] #41341 攻撃回数と隠密が両方加算される装備品の表記が狂っていたのを修正した / Resolved the issue that the notation of equipment that adds both the number of attacks and stealth was incorrect

4f431a3 2021-01-26 21:22:07 deskull

[Fix] #41316 モンスター生成候補デバッグメッセージ追加. / Added monster generation candidate debug message.

45f4cbd 2021-01-26 18:12:25 deskull

[Fix] #41316 get_mon_num() に最小生成階範囲追加. / Add min level range to get_mon_num().

* 将来の拡張と、whileループでget_mon_num()の内容繰り返すのは問題と判断したため.

4afedf4 2021-01-26 02:59:18 Eric Branlund

Merge branch 'develop' into develop-cocoa

3f48193 2021-01-25 23:59:23 Hourier

[Fix] #41335 薬が壁に当たっても割れない不具合を修正した / Resolved the issue that a potion wasn't shattered when it attacks to wall

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