Adds a modern OS X interface for the rogue-like game, Hengband ( ).


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Veröffentlicht: 2019-12-31 22:02
hengbandforosx (3 files Verstecken)


There's been no change to the save file structure or system requirements from

Änderungsprotokoll includes these changes:

Plugged memory leak in autopick_autoregister().

Changed init_saved_floors() to only check for out-of-date saved floors if savefile is not an empty string; that prevents spurious messages about old temporary files when "New" is selected in the Cocoa front-end for Mac OS X.

Redid earlier change for English message crashes in spell_RF6_HEAL() to be more compact.

Made many adjustments to the text of English messages especially in monster and item descriptions.

To better match the source material, the base object for the crown of Amber is now a Jewel Encrusted Crown rather than a Golden Crown.