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I have been noted as Distinguished Member on the MTA forums (2021-09-08 16:56 by quiret #88012)

My statement to Tut, Administrator on the MTA forums regarding my new rank:

Thank you very much! I appreciate your generous act of gratitude. I praise the MTA community for being both vibrant in creativity and accessible to gamers of all cultures. Your team has proven to me throughout its history that it values user contribution. Your act today is just another stepping stone on the trail of your successful community management.

But I am not the only one to be noted for his distinguished nature. In all of GTA community the MTA team stands out for its respect toward Rockstar Games intellectual property. The proof is that you guys both promote the buying of the original game as well as require it. Do not be fooled: this is an outstanding trait that many so-called modders could take an example of!

I will forever stay attached to MTA as the best execution of the multiplayer modding idea that is so rare to find nowadays in free and accessible form. You can count on me for a very long time.

Re: I have been noted as Distinguished Member on the MTA forums (2023-02-20 04:37 by quiret #93980)

Multi Theft Auto San Andreas has recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary! Come celebrate with us by reading about its story in this interview with its founding member, IJs. I have huge respect toward this guy. He made my big dream possible.

Please continue supporting Multi Theft Auto San Andreas and all those dreamers that create a cheeful internet for everyone!
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