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topvhost is a curses-based display of virtual host activity on a Web server. The display is created by monitoring a collection of server log files to show update time, update count, and selected fields from the last record of each file in a top-like presentation which can be sorted by last update time, update count, or domain name. Log file format and display columns are configured using an extension of the Apache LogFormat syntax. The collection of associations between domain name
and log file is specified either by direct enumeration or a file system glob() pattern in those cases where the domain name is part of the log file path. These details are saved in an INI format configuration file in the user's home directory.


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2009-08-28 02:22

Diese Veröffentlichung fügt richtiger Mann (1) Dokumentation. Es gibt kleinere Korrekturen Parser für Eingang und Ausgang.
This release adds proper man(1) documentation. There are minor parser corrections for both input and output.

2009-08-16 02:56

Display Paginierung wurde hinzugefügt. Display-Format behoben wurden. Der Code stellt nun unter Ubuntu.
Display pagination was added. Display format fixes were made. The code now compiles under Ubuntu.

2009-08-14 10:57

Diese Veröffentlichung fügt Exception-Handling, überarbeitet das Bildschirm-Layout, explizite End-of-Line-Angaben ( "\ n") für Multi-line-Layouts und behebt die meisten Display-Kobolde mit besseren Ausgang Clipping zu verwenden.
This release adds exception handling, reworks the screen layout to use
explicit end-of-line indications ("\n") for multi-line layouts, and
fixes most display gremlins with better output clipping.

2009-08-12 21:48

Berichtigungen zu der ersten Version gemacht.
Corrections were made to the initial release.

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