Open ModelSphere is a powerful data, process, and UML modeling software tool. It covers conceptual and logical data modeling as well as physical design and forward and reverse engineering. Open ModelSphere also helps systems analysts to integrate the creation of data flow and business process diagrams and to elaborate an enterprise's workflow and logistics. It provides the functionality of a rich UML modeling tool. You can create Activity, Class, Collaboration, Component, Deployment, Package, Sequence, Statechart, and Use Case diagrams.


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2009-06-24 16:36

Geschäftsprozessmodellierung und Datenmodellierung sind jetzt ebenfalls unterstützt. Die Software ist jetzt als ein Open-Source-Projekt auf, veröffentlicht unter der GPL Version 3. Es ermöglicht eine einfache Forward-und Reverse-Engineering von MySQL und PostgreSQL.
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Business process modeling and data modeling are now also supported. The software is now accessible as an open source project on, published under the GPL version 3. It provides easy forward and reverse engineering of MySQL and PostgreSQL.

2002-11-01 11:03

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