The SIP forwarding daemon (implemented as a stateless SIP proxy) allows you to seamlessly forward SIP requests to other SIP servers. Its main purpose is to enable users to use their own domain name in SIP URIs without the hassle of having to run a full-blown SIP server (by forwarding SIP requests to third-party SIP servers). Configuration information is stored in an SQLite database, and low resource consumption is a main priority for the project.


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2008-09-08 02:07 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Unterstützung für DNS-SRV-Datensätze wurde hinzugefügt (mit dem UDNS Resolver-Bibliothek). Ein Bug, wo die Übermittlung SIP-URL konnte beschädigt wurden, wurde behoben.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
Support for DNS SRV records has been added (using the UDNS resolver library). A bug where the forwarding SIP URL could have been corrupted has been fixed.

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