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Sharp Tools is a spreadsheet written in Java. It features full formula support (nested functions, auto-updating, and relative/absolute addressing), a file format compatible with other spreadsheets, printing support, undo/redo, a clipboard, sorting, data exchange with Excel, histogram generation, and a built-in help system.


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2002-07-30 14:49

Es ist jetzt kompatibel mit JDK 1.4, und die Zeile und Spalte Insertion Bugs behoben wurden, zusammen mit einigen anderen Problemen.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Stable
It is now compatible with JDK 1.4, and the row and column insertion bugs were fixed, along with some other problems.

2001-06-05 03:01

Spaltenüberschriften aktiviert; Spaltenbreite kann dynamisch angepasst werden.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Development
Column headers enabled; column width can be dynamically adjusted.

2001-05-29 03:11

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Development

2001-05-11 17:46

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Stable

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