RTSPdump is a tool for downloading a multimedia stream from a Windows Media server (WMServer). It accepts rtsp:// and mms:// URLs. It supports both UDP and TCP traffic. The stream can be saved into a WMV file for archiving or timeshifting purposes or passed through stdout to another program for processing or immediate viewing. It has also limited support for other brands of servers that also provide RTSP streaming.


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2010-10-12 19:57

Diese Version verbessert die Code Modularität, verbessert die Unterstützung für DSS-Server, verbessert die Unterstützung für Fehler Situationen und macht das Streaming robuster insgesamt.
This release improves code modularity, improves support for DSS servers, improves support for error situations, and makes the streaming more robust overall.

2010-02-04 20:19

Diese Freigabe verbessert die DSS-Streaming Support etwas verbessert und die Modularität des Quellcodes. Die LITE-Version hinzugefügt wurde, unterstützt nur TCP-Verkehr mit MS-RTSP.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release improves the DSS streaming support somewhat and improves the modularity of the source code. A LITE version was added, supporting only TCP traffic with MS-RTSP.

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