Proxmox is a Debian-based bundle of OpenVZ, KVM, and a Web based management GUI. It supports high-performance container-based virtualization of Linux workloads, as well as lower performance KVM hardware assisted virtualization. It supports any hardware that the Linux kernel supports, and will permit live migration of running OSIs with shared storage configurations (DRBD, CIFS, NFS, etc.). It comes bundled with many virtual appliance templates (Drupla, Moodle, FreePBX, etc.) and generic OSI appliances (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu), as well as a faculty for building arbitrary Linux based appliances. It can be used for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and virtual server infrastructure (VSI). It supports almost any x86/x64 OS in a KVM container and any Linux-based OS in OpenVZ.


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Version 2.6.32 des Linux-Kernels verwendet wird, einschließlich OpenVZ unterstützt, auf den neuesten Debian Squeeze-Kernel. drbd wurde 8.3.7 aktualisiert. Neue KVM-Userspace-Tools eingesetzt werden. Neue OpenVZ Userspace-Tools eingesetzt werden. Ein "Kraft"-Option wurde hinzugefügt, um vorhandene Daten zu überschreiben.
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Version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel is used, including OpenVZ support, based on the latest Debian Squeeze kernel. drbd was updated to 8.3.7. New KVM user-space tools are used. New OpenVZ user-space tools are used. A "force" option was added to overwrite existing data.

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