OSE provides a framework for building event driven systems, Web-based services, and distributed applications using C++ and Python. A HTTP servlet framework is included, and separate gateways for XML-RPC and SOAP protocols are also available.


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2003-05-22 12:55 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Diese Version behebt ein XML-Fehler in der Korruption das Messaging-System in 7.0pl6 aufgenommen, ebenso wie andere kleinere Probleme, aber unklar ist. Diese Release ist auch der 10. Jahrestag der OSE wird frei zur Verfügung gestellt werden über das Internet.
Tags: Major bugfixes
This release fixes an XML corruption bug in the
messaging system introduced in 7.0pl6 as well as other
minor but obscure problems. This release also marks
the 10th anniversary of OSE being made freely
available over the Internet.

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