Oolite is an independent reinterpretation and ehancement of the classic space sim game Elite for modern computers. The result is a space trading and combat simulation offering encounters with pirates, police, bounty hunters, the occasional alien menace, and other surprises along the way. While striving to reach the coveted Elite status, the players set their own path through the various galaxies, choosing to be trader, pirate, or bounty hunter depending on the situation at hand, and their own judgement. The game is hugely expandable, using a combination of property lists and JavaScript. Oolite's active modding community already provides more than 200 OXPs (Oolite eXpansion Packs). Among them are a huge variety of missions, weapons, ships, and extra career paths over and above what's available within the core game, as well as a number of other gameplay enhancements and customizations.


操作方法一般キー'''機能'''SHIFT+ESC終了Pポーズ視界・情報表示キー'''機能(航行中)'''機能(ドッキング中)'''F1前方視界発進F2後方視界設定変更F3左舷視界装備の購入F3 x 2-艦船の購入F4右舷視界-F5現在の状態現... Show Usage

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2014-01-13 17:09
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1984年のイギリスのワイヤーフレームによる3Dシューティング+交易シミュレーションゲーム Elite のリメイク。やや単調だが雰囲気はよい。