MUSCLE (Multi User Server Client Linking Environment) is an N-way messaging server and networking API. It includes client-side networking APIs for various languages, including C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, and Python. MUSCLE lets programs communicate over a network via streams of serialized Message objects. The included server program ("muscled") lets its clients message each other and store information in its server-side hierarchical database. The database supports flexible queries via hierarchical wildcarding, and "live" updates via a subscription mechanism.


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2012-02-04 14:37 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Kleinere Fehler wurden behoben. Andenken Verwendung der Message-Klasse wurde ein bisschen reduziert, bessere Kontrolle über die Zlib-Kodierung der ausgehenden komprimierten Message-Objekte zur Verfügung gestellt wurde und eine veraltete Methode wurde entfernt (GetItemPointer()).
Minor bugs were fixed. Memory usage of the Message class was reduced a bit, better control over the zlib-encoding of outgoing compressed Message objects was provided, and a deprecated Queue method was removed (GetItemPointer()).

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