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Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a server that allows remote access for playing music in various formats and managing playlists. It makes a great desktop player with frontend options (Qt, GTK, ncurses, Windows, and Web clients are available). It is also appropriate as a console player that is scriptable, and is especially useful if X is restarted frequently. A set of rapid development tools for clients are being developed and include a C library, Python module, PHP class, Perl module, and Java Class. The goals are to be easy to install and use, to have minimal resource requirements, to be stable and flexible, and easy to interface.


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Information regarding Project Releases and Project Resources. Note that the information here is a quote from page, and the downloads themselves may not be hosted on OSDN.

2010-12-12 05:26

Viele neue Funktionen wurden hinzugefügt.
Many new features were added.

2010-11-09 15:44

Ein Assertionsfehler wurde behoben.
An assertion failure was fixed.

2010-10-12 07:45

Eine Race-Bedingung in der Ausgabe Thread wurde behoben. Stream Titel und MIME-Typ in "httpd" Streaming Ausgabe wurden behoben. Diese Version ermöglicht Zurückspulen von MMS-Streams.
A race condition in the output thread has been fixed. Stream title and MIME type in "httpd" streaming output have been fixed. This release enables rewinding of MMS streams.

2010-03-22 11:40

Diese Version behebt ein paar Abstürze, ein ReplayGain Regression der letzten stabilen Version, Einzel-und Wiederholungsmodi in zufälliger und andere kleine Probleme.
Tags: bugfix, Stable Release
This release fixes a couple of crashes, a ReplayGain regression from the last stable release, single and repeat modes in random, and other small issues.

2009-12-29 11:23

Diese Version behebt einige kritische Fehler und etliche kleinere Fehler in allen Bereichen.
Tags: Stable Release
This release fixes a few critical bugs and quite a few minor bugs across the board.

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