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The Linux From Scratch project is intended for Linux users who want to build their own custom Linux system. Reasons for wanting to build such a system are diverse. Perhaps you want to get into more detail as to what happens behind the scenes. Perhaps you are fed up with the bloated standard distributions. Or perhaps you don't want to rely on pre-compiled binaries out of concerns for security.


Die Systemvoraussetzungen sind nicht definiert
Information regarding Project Releases and Project Resources. Note that the information here is a quote from page, and the downloads themselves may not be hosted on OSDN.

2003-10-22 19:44

Änderungen von pre2 zu pre3 sind streng Textänderungen wie Rechtschreibung fixes. Other than that, wurden die Paket-Inhalte und Beschreibungen aktualisiert.
Tags: Development
Changes from pre2 to pre3 are strictly textual changes such as spelling fixes. Other than that, the package contents and descriptions were updated.

2003-10-15 03:53

Diese Version verfügt über textliche Änderungen einschließlich der Beschreibung der Updates und weitere Erklärungen.
Tags: Development
This version features textual changes including
description updates and more explanations.

2003-10-15 03:52

Tags: Major feature enhancements, Development

2003-04-29 00:36

Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2002-10-06 08:28

Eine Vielzahl von neuen Features, Updates und Bugfixes seit der letzten stabilen Version.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Stable
A huge number of new features, updates, and bugfixes since the last stable release.

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