LemonLDAP::NG is a modular Web SSO based on Apache::Session modules. It simplifies the building of a protected area with a few changes in the application. It manages both authentication and authorization and provides headers for accounting, so you can have full AAA protection for your Web space. LemonLDAP::NG is a complete rewrite of LemonLDAP. All components needed to use it and to administer it are included in the tarball. However, all modules developed for LemonLDAP may not work with LemonLDAP::NG.


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Dies ist ein Major Release mit neuen Features: Yubikey Authentifizierung, Slave-Portal mit AuthSlave und UserDBSlave, Benachrichtigungen explorer und Passwort-Reset via mail neuen Workflow. Viele Fehler wurden korrigiert.
Tags: Bugfixes, Major, Stable
This is a major release with new features: Yubikey authentication, Slave portal with AuthSlave and UserDBSlave, Notifications explorer, and Password reset via mail new workflow. Many bugs have been corrected.

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