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GZRBOT is a port of GOZERBOT to the Google Application Engine. It is there for its code and reuse of it is highly recommended. A script is available to clone gzrbot and rename it so you can run your own bot off the GZRBOT code. GZRBOT has a plugin system that lets you program your own plugin and provide you a way to add custom functionality to your bot. Both writing commands and reacting on events through callbacks is supported.


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2010-03-04 08:46
0.2 BETA1

Auf die neuen Active Wave-API (v2) aktualisiert. Verwendet subpubhubbub. Watch Wellen in Jabber. IRC <-> Wave Umsetzen (in Entwicklung).
Tags: GAE, bot, Jabber, xmpp, Web, wave
Updated to the new Active Wave API (v2). Uses subpubhubbub. Watch waves in Jabber. IRC <-> Wave relaying (in development).

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