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gitg targets cases where it is useful to provide a graphical representation of Git data or actions. The history view is a good example, where graphical representation helps to get an overview of the repository. gitg does not aim to be an advanced tool that allows access to every feature of Git through a graphical interface. However, it will try to incorporate common actions that might require multiple actions on the command line (like staging, unstaging, reverting, and committing).


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2010-02-22 03:59 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Diese Version bringt die Rosinen herauszupicken. Es bringt viele Funktionen in Drag'n'Drop in Zusammenhang stehen. Es unterstützt eine URI-Schema in das Repository auf eine bestimmte Revision zu öffnen.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
This version brings the cherry picking. It brings many features related to Drag'n'Drop. It supports a URI schema to open the repository to a specified revision.

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