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gFTP is a free multithreaded file transfer client for *NIX based machines running X11R6 or later. It has text and GTK+ 1.2/2.x interfaces and supports the FTP, FTPS (control connection only), HTTP, HTTPS, FSP, and SSH protocols and has FTP and HTTP proxy server support. It supports UNIX, EPLF, Novell, MacOS, VMS, MVS, and NT (DOS) style directory listings, and has a bookmarks menu that allows you to quickly connect to remote sites. The code is fully internationalized and there are currently 45 translations available.


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2002-12-06 06:12

Diese Version enthält viele GTK + 2.0 behebt, SSH-Fixes, and other improvements.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This version includes lots of GTK+ 2.0 fixes, SSH fixes, and other improvements.

2002-07-20 01:19

Viele kleine Bugfixes und Updates Übersetzungen.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Lots of small bug fixes and translations updates.

2002-05-23 20:05

Einige Bugs wurden behoben, darunter HTTP-Proxy-Probleme und einige Speicherlecks.
Several bugs were fixed, including HTTP proxy
problems and several memory leaks.

2002-01-04 14:22

Bugfixes für SSH2, Speicherlecks und andere kleinere Probleme.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Bugfixes for SSH2, memory leaks and other minor problems.

2001-12-21 09:33

Verschiedene SSH/SSH2 Fixes und einige andere Bugfixes.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Various SSH/SSH2 fixes, and several other bugfixes.

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