fio is an I/O tool meant to be used both for benchmark and stress/hardware verification. It has support for 19 different types of I/O engines (sync, mmap, libaio, posixaio, SG v3, splice, null, network, syslet, guasi, solarisaio, and more), I/O priorities (for newer Linux kernels), rate I/O, forked or threaded jobs, and much more. It can work on block devices as well as files. fio accepts job descriptions in a simple-to-understand text format. Several example job files are included. fio displays all sorts of I/O performance information, including complete IO latencies and percentiles. Fio is in wide use in many places, for both benchmarking, QA, and verification purposes. It supports Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS X, OpenSolaris, AIX, HP-UX, Android, and Windows.


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Diese Version fügt einen RDMA IO-Engine, fügt Unterstützung für direkte Userspace erntet der abgeschlossenen Veranstaltungen mit libaio IO-Engine sorgt dafür, dass bool funktioniert auch, wenn es einen Parameter, fügt die Unterstützung für "eingelocht" IO-Muster legt eine Latenz Berichterstattung Fehler, behebt einen Festplattenauslastung Bug für die verzögerte Arbeitsplätze, fügt Resolution zu unterstützen, um fio_generate_plots, behebt summiert Berechnung der Standardabweichung, fügt Abschluss Latenz Perzentil-Unterstützung und behebt viele andere kleinere Bugs.
This release adds an RDMA IO engine, adds support for direct userspace reaping of completed events with libaio IO engine, ensures that bool options also work if given a parameter, adds support for "holed" IO patterns, fixes a latency reporting bug, fixes a disk utilization bug for delayed jobs, adds resolution support to fio_generate_plots, fixes summed computation of standard deviation, adds completion latency percentile support, and fixes lots of other minor bugs.

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