EXIFinfo is a package to provide statistics from EXIF data from all your images. It includes a shell script, a database file, a PHP-script, and several CGI scripts. It provides statistics on how often you use your lenses, which month you are shooting most images, etc.


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2009-10-22 23:16 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Einige Änderungen am Code vorgenommen wurden, um das Sammeln von EXIF-Daten aus den Bildern viel schneller zu machen. Bugs behoben. Eine grundlegende Front-End in PHP geschrieben wurde hinzugefügt.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Major bugfixes
Some code changes were done to make the collecting of EXIF data from the images much faster. Bugs were fixed. A basic front-end written in PHP was added.

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