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Debian From Scratch is really two related components in one. First, it's a live bootable CD image that is designed to provide a full-featured kernel and rescue environment. It includes filesystem tools, editors, C compilers, Python, Perl, and everything you need to manually install Debian on a new machine. On ix86 machines, Grub is used to boot directly from the CD. There is also a program that is used to create the DFS CD images. It is highly configurable and can be used to create other custom bootable CD or DVD images. You can include whatever kernel or packages you want.


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2006-07-09 12:56

Ein komplett neu geschrieben und fertig war zu aktualisieren. Das Programm wurde in Haskell geschrieben. Erzeugt Bilder unterstützen jetzt udev. Unterstützung für initrd Kernel wurde hinzugefügt. dfsbuild spart jetzt mitteilen, so kann es, ohne von Grund auf neu zu starten wieder aufzunehmen.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
A major rewrite and update was done. The program
was rewritten in Haskell. Generated images now
support udev. Support for initrd kernels was
added. dfsbuild now saves state, so it can resume
without having to restart from scratch.

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