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DBD::SQLite is a Perl DBI driver for SQLite that includes the entire thing in the distribution. Simply installing this module provides you with a fast transaction capable RDBMS for your Perl project.


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2010-12-23 07:18

Aktualisiert 3.7.4 SQLite. Es gab mehrere Bugfixes.
Tags: Unstable
Updated to SQLite 3.7.4. There were several bugfixes.

2010-09-11 21:00

Ein Speicherleck wurde behoben. Die DBD:: SQLite: FTS3Transitional Modul wurde in eine neue Verteilung bewegt.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Unstable
A memory leak was fixed. The DBD::SQLite::FTS3Transitional module was moved into a new distribution.

2009-10-20 03:18

SQLite 3.6.19 integriert, die Fremdschlüssel unterstützt.
Tags: Major, Unstable
SQLite 3.6.19 was integrated, which supports foreign keys.

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