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Dada Mail can help you manage a mailing list, offers complete support for safe, closed-loop opt-in subscriptions, sends out mass mailings, keeps an archive of your messages, and allows you to share your messages in many ways. It runs on your Web hosting account and you interact with it through your Web browser, making it available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. You do not have to rely on a third-party list management system with costly monthly fees. It is rich with features, but tries to keep it simple. It is designed to favor flexibility, extensibility, and ease-of-use over core speed or extremely flashy but hard-to-use features. It is designed to be installed, set up, and understood by regular people who have Web sites, but has enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you've ever installed a bulletin board or blog software, you should be able to install Dada Mail without too many problems. Dada Mail can scale. You can install Dada Mail on most any basic hosting account and start sending out messages. If your mailing list grows large, you can switch to sending with a more powerful third-party system, like Amazon SES, where there's potentially no limit on the number of emails you may send, all without having to change mailing list management systems or your hosting.


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2012-12-31 04:09

Diese Version verfügt e-Mail besser Analytik, so dass Sie Informationen von Kampagne, IP-Adresse, sowie weitere interaktive Diagramme und Grafiken zu ermitteln. Es gibt bessere Handhabung von zurückgesendete Nachrichten mit neuen, klarere Regeln; eine vollständige Migration von Protototype zu jQuery; eine höher entwickelte Web-basierte Installationsprogramm, das häufig, über bewegen kann legen globale Konfigurationen von früheren Installationen; und die Möglichkeit auf einfache Weise die Diskussion per e-Mail Mailing-Listen erstellen Weiterleitung statt mit einer POP3-Adresse, die Leistung und e-Mail-Diskussionslisten viel schneller Lieferung.
This release features better email analytics, allowing you to discover information by campaign and IP address, as well as more interactive charts and graphs. There's better handling of bounced messages, with new, clearer rules; a complete migration from Protototype to jQuery; a more sophisticated Web-based installer that can move over commonly set global configurations from previous installations; and the ability to easily create discussion mailing lists using email forwarding instead of using a POP3 address, making performance and email delivery of discussion lists much quicker.

2012-03-20 06:44
5.0.0 Stable

Diese Version bietet eine überarbeitete und verbesserte Layout/Design und eine komplett neu gestaltete Benutzeroberfläche für die Mitgliedschaft: Ansicht von Dada Mail, so dass Sie leicht verwalten Ihre komplette Mailing-Liste.
This release features a redesigned and improved layout/design and a completely redesigned UI for the Membership: View screen of Dada Mail, allowing you to more easily manage your complete mailing list.

2012-03-08 07:55
5.0.0 Release Candidate 3

Dies ist eine weitere Polieren von Dada Mail für die bevorstehende Version bereit.
This is a continued polishing of Dada Mail to get ready for the imminent stable release.

2012-02-23 07:33
5.0.0 Release Candidate 1

Diese Version enthält eine umfassende Überarbeitung der Benutzeroberfläche, den Entwurf evolutionärer, halten, so dass aktuelle Benutzer mit dem neuen Design zu Hause fühlen. Diese Version hat auch ein optimiertes Installateur/Upgrade-Dienstprogramm.
This release features a major overhaul of the user interface, keeping the design evolutionary, so that current users will feel at home with the new design. This release also has a more streamlined installer/upgrade utility.

2012-02-16 07:11
5.0.0 Beta1

Diese Version enthält ein komplettes Redesign der Benutzeroberfläche zu bringen es auf dem neuesten Stand und machen es einfacher und angenehmer zu verwenden.
This release features a complete redesign of the UI to bring it up to date and make it easier and more enjoyable to use.

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