cstrings is a lightweight internationalization tool for
C code. It is useful for those who find gettext too
bulky and intrusive. It extracts strings from a
program, and turns them into #defines in a
prepended code section. It has good features for
building up your message base incrementally.


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2010-10-19 18:40

Einige Warnungen durch moderne Compiler erzeugt wurden behoben.
Tags: Code cleanup
Some warnings generated by modern compilers were fixed.

2003-12-29 10:06

Diese Version verwendet mkstemp (3) statt tempnam (3), aus Sicherheitsgründen. Auch RPMs der Quelle nicht mehr auf myversion abhängig definiert.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This version uses mkstemp(3) instead of tempnam(3), for security reasons. Also, the source RPMs no longer depend on myversion being defined.

2003-12-25 08:24

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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