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cpdetector is a small yet clever framework for
codepage detection that integrates different
strategies. It may be used as a library for third
party software that accesses textual data over
network. It also includes a best-practice
implementation in form of a command line tool that
allows sorting and transforming large collections
of documents based on their codepage. Available
strategies include: jchardet (exclusion, frequency
analysis, and guessing), detection of the HTML
charset property, and detection of the XML
encoding declaration.


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2008-06-15 18:22 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Die proguard Shrinker ist es nun möglich, so dass die cpdetector Glas ist nun mehr als zehn Mal kleiner. System.out ist nicht mehr für die Anmeldung bei JChardetFacade verwendet. Alle Pakete wurden mit dem Präfix "info.monitorenter" umbenannt.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The proguard shrinker is now used, so the
cpdetector jar is now more than ten times smaller.
System.out is no longer used for logging in
JChardetFacade. All packages were renamed with the
prefix "info.monitorenter".

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