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cpdetector is a small yet clever framework for
codepage detection that integrates different
strategies. It may be used as a library for third
party software that accesses textual data over
network. It also includes a best-practice
implementation in form of a command line tool that
allows sorting and transforming large collections
of documents based on their codepage. Available
strategies include: jchardet (exclusion, frequency
analysis, and guessing), detection of the HTML
charset property, and detection of the XML
encoding declaration.


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2008-06-18 06:19 Zurück zur Release-Liste

Die Release-Struktur hat sich geändert: cpdetetor.jar enthält keine 3rd-Party-Bibliothek-Dateien mehr. Fehlende öffentliche Aufgaben sind wieder enthalten. Die proguard Shrinker wurde von 3,8 bis 4,2-Version aktualisiert.
Tags: Major bugfixes
The release structure has been changed: cpdetetor.jar does not contain 3rd party library files anymore. Missing public functions are contained again. The proguard shrinker has been updated from version 3.8 to 4.2.

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