Bonnie++ is based on the Bonnie hard drive benchmark by Tim Bray. The most notable features that have been added are support for >2G of storage and testing operations involving thousands of files in a directory. This program is used by ReiserFS developers, but can be useful for anyone who wants to know how fast their hard drive or file system is. It now includes ZCAV in the package. This program tests the performance of different zones on the hard drive. ZCAV has been released separately before but will now only be released as part of the Bonnie++ suite.


bonnie++-1.03e]# ./configure bonnie++-1.03e]# vi bonnie.h change #define MinTime (5) to #define MinTime (0.01) make Show How to Install


./bonnie++ -d /tmp -s 1024 -r 512 -u username -s filesize -r memorysize /tmp <- testing DirectoryNFS or CIFS or localDisk Show Usage

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