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Bandwidth is primarily a memory bandwidth benchmark, but it can also measure network bandwidth. It measures the maximum memory bandwidth of each part of the memory system, including main memory, L1, L2, and L3 caches, framebuffer memory, and register-to-register. For many tests, it performs both sequential memory accesses as well as random memory accesses to provide a more real-world performance estimate. The tests support Linux (Intel), Windows/Cygwin, and Mac OS X. Its core routines are in assembly for x86 and x86-64 architectures with both SSE4 and AVX support. Bandwidth also includes automatic graphing of the results, stored to a BMP image file. The network bandwidth tests support Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows/Cygwin.


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2011-02-15 22:50

Diese Version läuft bis zur Fertigstellung auf AMD-Prozessoren.
This release runs to completion on AMD processors.

2010-12-20 16:59

Die Netzwerkbandbreite Prüfung bidirektionale gemacht wurde. Ein Kommandozeilen-Option wurde für die Port-Nummer, mit der Durchführung des Tests hinzugefügt.
The network bandwidth testing bidirectional was made. A command line option was added for the port number with which to perform the test.

2010-12-19 01:55

Grafische Darstellung war es, die Netzwerk-Bandbreite Test aufgenommen.
Graphing was added to the network bandwidth test.

2010-12-15 04:41

Diese Veröffentlichung fügt Netzwerkbandbreite Tests.
Tags: Networking, Network
This release adds network bandwidth testing.

2010-12-08 19:37

Einige kleinere Fehler wurden behoben. SSE2 und SSE4 werden automatisch für Intel-Linux erkannt.
Some minor bugs were fixed. SSE2 and SSE4 are automatically detected for Intel Linux.

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