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AutoRPM is a program that can do any combination of the following: mirror RPMs from an FTP site, keep installed RPMs consistent with an FTP site or local directory and keep installed RPMs in a cluster or network of systems consistent. It is highly flexible and contains a fully command-line driven interactive install mode (for installing RPMs from the queue or for installing RPMs from your system interactively). It also handles recursive dependencies, multiple versions of the same RPM, the same RPM with multiple architectures, and more. It does some of the same tasks as up2date and AutoUpdate.


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2004-04-06 19:32

Voll Konfigurationsdateien für Fedora-Updates sind nun einbezogen.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Full configuration files for Fedora updates are now included.

2003-02-15 06:07

Ein Fix für einen Tippfehler in Abzug zu unterstützen.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
A fix for a typo in trigger support.

2003-01-31 02:01

Trigger-Paket jetzt für Arbeit zu Herabstufungen.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Triggers now work for package downgrades too.

2003-01-31 01:59

The New Trigger ()-Befehl tatsächlich funktioniert (Regex_Trigger () war in Ordnung, obwohl).
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The New Trigger() command actually works (Regex_Trigger() was fine, though).

2003-01-30 07:39

Diese Version bietet Trigger () und Regex_Trigger ()-Funktion. Diese teilen AutoRPM an externe Skripte, wenn bestimmte Pakete installiert / aufgerüstet, oder wenn sie nicht nennen.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This version adds Trigger() and Regex_Trigger() functions. These tell AutoRPM to call external scripts when certain packages are installed/upgraded, or when they fail.

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