AlsaPlayer is a new PCM player written with the ALSA sound system in mind. It also includes support for JACK, OSS, NAS, and ESD. It makes extensive use of multi-threading and supports OGG, MP3, WAV, CDDA (CD Digital Audio), MOD, S3M, IT, and many other input types. Features include a real- time effects stream, variable speed/pitch control, SHOUTcast/icecast streaming support, multiple active visual scopes, command line mode, playlists, plugin architecture, low-latency mode, and more.

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Puppy Linux にインストールしました。 ソースファイルをダウンロードして、解凍します。フォルダ (alsaplayer-0.99.75) ができます。 root (home) に解凍されてできたフォルダ (alsaplayer-0.99.75) を置きま... Show How to Install


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