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can't creat accounts for the forum

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I didn't want to open an issue for this, since it's not directly related to the game, but now it seems better than opening a new support ticket for every question. I'd rather talk about it in the forum, which I tried to create an account for twice, about two months ago. With both tries I never got the activation mail, even after requesting to resend it. I sent a message to admins in both cases but didn't get any reaction there either. My question on the subreddit got no response either.

I have a hunch that it ""might"" be because the chosen name started wit a number, although I don't remember getting an error message about an invalid user name. I never had issues with that before, only the + sign often wasn't allowed in other places. But I did get an error when I tried to create this account here on the platform, complaining about an invalid UNIX character, which still doesn't really make sense to me. Anyway, it worked with the current user name, that's why I think it might be the leading number. The names I tried to use were 3+4i and 3plus4i. I would have alternatives there but I've run out of email addresses, they are reported as being already i use now, even though the accounts aren't usable. Are the admins of the forum here? If you could remove those zombie accounts I could try again with my alt user name and finally be able to talk and ask on the forum. Not being able to get any responses was crushing my motivation, until I asked for support here.

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2022-09-30 00:09 Aktualisiert von: cazfi

Yes, there are problems on forum emails. I manage to get *some* improvement to the situation a couple of weeks ago (and there has been *some* new registrations to the forums since). I actually had to modify the forum software itself. A bit more information in this forum thread: https://forum.freeciv.org/f/viewtopic.php?p=105913#p105913

Which email provider you use? One thing I noticed is that while I got the email delivery to my freeciv email (which I basically never read directly) to work, with the usual forward to gmail it doesn't - seems to me that gmail is not accepting any email from our forum.


And thanks for creating the ticket. This can actually provide means for those who can't register to forums to comment.

2022-09-30 00:14 Aktualisiert von: no0815

Oh, I'd be glad if the ticket is of further use. The mail providers were gmail for 3+4i and freenet.de for 3plus4i.

2022-09-30 00:14 Aktualisiert von: cazfi

I have no idea if it would help with these problems, but there is a new phpBB release available. No idea when I will have time to update.

2022-09-30 00:21 Aktualisiert von: cazfi

Reply To no0815

3+4i and 3plus4i.

These both were older than the latest fixes I made, so I triggered "remind" mail for them. There's a small chance that it reaches you now.

2022-09-30 02:56 Aktualisiert von: no0815

Got neither of them. But now I know that I can try sending the mail again. For the time being I'll be stuck here I guess, unless people also check reddit.

2022-09-30 04:35 Aktualisiert von: no0815

Actually nvm, I did get the mail for one of them, hooray! Might have overlooked it in spam earlier.

2023-02-09 08:10 Aktualisiert von: cazfi

I think I got gmail part working too. The fix is (hopefully) temporary one, until we get things properly sorted out.


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