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Trial to make forum posts about proposed features

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nef thinks that we would get people more involved if the proposals for new features did not live only in tickets, but were also posted to forums. I've promised to trial that by making posts about the tickets I open myself for some time (whether others do, is up to them).

Related forum discussion: http://forum.freeciv.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=597&start=110

I'll cross-reference the forum post in those tickets, and before pushing such patches in, also the comments to the forum post should be checked as they were part of the review. Any of this does not change the 36h/24h review period rules, i.e., review period is not longer just because part of it happens in the forums. Of course, *if* there happens to be active discussion in the forums still going after 36h/24h, one should not push the change before there's a decision about it - but that already applies to reviews in general. (And if we talk about only about my patches, my commit queue is closer to 2 weeks than the minimum 36h anyway)

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about the tickets I open myself for some time (whether others do, is up to them).

I definitely don't want this to turn to an additional scare for anyone uncertain if they should file a proposal. It's definitely ok to just open the ticket and not care about (registering to and) posting to forums.

If this trial ever extends beyond my own tickets, we have to figure out how it would not make life even harder for potential contributors and those wanting to file in a wishlist items.

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It wasn't a big success.


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