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helpdata.txt Combat section does not reflect civ2civ3

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helpdata.txt Combat section is written for the classic ruleset, which is no longer the default.
Combat example 1: carries through ok.
Combat example 2: some minor differences.
Since this text is aimed at beginners, I think it is better that the calculations in the examples can be followed exactly.

If this gets rewritten for civ2civ3, it would be a pity to lose the information tailored for classic. Is there some mechanism for each ruleset to be able to override certain sections of helpdata.txt from its own rulesetdir?

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I looked at just updating the values, but it seems that the example loses much of its power that way. We would need to select better units for the example (or maybe just change either ones veteran status). First of all, the total attack power of the attacker and total defense power of the defender ended being exactly the same, so there was not much left of showing how they have different probabilities of winning a round. Secondly, many numbers (all of them, until I gave up) turned to full integer ones, not showing that there's more accuracy in the calculations. Third, Battleship's firepower in civ2civ3 is 1 from the beginning, so the adjustment to reduce it to 1 doesn't show.

If nobody comes up with a better example, I guess we have to just add note that the values apply to classic ruleset.

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If nobody comes up with a better example, I guess we have to just add note that the values apply to classic ruleset.

That temporary solution -> #43298

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