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The Ezarcher Linux ISO is a full featured Arch based Linux desktop. The live system comes with many common desktop software packages and tools to install Arch Linux on your system. There are three installation methods, the Calamares Installer, my own ezarch scripts, and, the Arch Way. The Calamares installer is located in the System menu and titled Install System.

The Final_ISO folder contains stable and reliable ISOs. The Old_ISO folder contains the previous full set of ISOs released. The Project_Files folder contains each of the tar files with all the project files used in the build process and documentation. The Testing folder contains ISOs that fix a problem or implement a new feature, or address changes in the way archiso constructs the live system.

This project is released under the GPL open source license and demonstrates one possible method for constructing an Arch Linux based system. The files are free to use and modify. Please keep the author attribution intact when utilizing this project. Thank you.

User password: live

Root password: toor



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