Welcome to Ezarcher

The Ezarcher Linux ISO is a full featured Arch Linux desktop. The live system comes with many common desktop software packages and tools to install Arch Linux on your system. There are two installer methods, the Calamares Installer Framework and the Arch Way, by following the Arch Wiki. The Calamares installer is located in the System menu and titled Install System.

The live user's /home folder has an ezarcher folder with several folders containing all the project files for the Ezarcher system. The ~/ezarcher/Docs folder contains some introductory readme files and suggested steps to enhance the system. The ~/ezarcher/Install_Guides folder contains step-by-step installation guides for Arch Linux that follow the same general software selections as the live media. The ~/ezarcher/Install_Scripts folder contains the ezarch.bios and ezarch.uefi bash installation scripts that will install Arch Linux with some predefined setup options and software selections. The ~/ezarcher/PkgBuilds folder contains the the PKGBUILD files for the Calamares and its two helper applications. The ~/ezarcher/Scripts folder contains the ezmaint script for basic maintenance tasks, the script to install grub after the package updates, and the script to install Firefox Latest directly from Mozilla and install it into the user's home folder. The ~/ezarcher/Templates folder contains 7zip files for each of the live ISOs with a desktop environment.

User password: live
Root password: toor

Have fun, stay safe. :-)


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2023-05-07 23:19
Rezensionen von Locutus64

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Nice easy install, stable and solid.

2023-03-01 15:29
Rezensionen von Oleg

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Simple and effective like a bulldozer. I've been using KDE version on an older laptop without any problems for over a month now. On a newer laptop I've encountered some problems, but mostly it works fine there too. I like this distro almost as much as Manjaro (my #1 distro).
• It's Arch • Easy to install • Almost none of the bloat* • Active developer/maintainer • Author is a nice gentleman *bloat to me, for example, is Filezilla and printer support
• Beeping sounds in Grub and while Powering Off • A bit hard to troubleshoot when it comes to laptop compatibility (very rare occurence, I get it). For example, I have a Lenovo Legion 5 (2020) laptop with AMD and a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card and an external monitor. Connecting the monitor and getting the image to be displayed is not a trivial task on any arch distro in my experience. For me it doesn't work here too.

2022-11-15 20:34
Rezensionen von LordVader

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Great work at all iso´s working without issue thumbs up
Easy and fast way to install a working system

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