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2020-02-25 02:35
Hg: 360fca4207414c3a0117
2020-02-23 04:46
Hg: 6ba06b17eafa69e1ec98
2020-02-23 04:12
Hg: 61718d63961144cb2c2b

Neueste Tickets

2020-02-22 00:17
Allow execsql to be started without any script name or other command-line arguments or options (except perhaps a -v o...
2020-02-18 02:21
Document the relationships between SQL data types and Python data types used in the IMPORT, COPY, and EXPORT metacomm...
2020-02-13 12:57
Allow a comma-delimited list of tables or views to display, and if there is a list, show them all in a tab control
2020-02-11 14:13
Add an option to the EXPORT metacommand to export data in the HDF5 format.
2020-02-11 03:11
Add a configuration setting to specify the initial number or rows and columns (approximately) for the CONSOLE.


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