File Storage Feature now supports URL Simplification as well as File Release Feature
2018-04-04 19:05 (by sado)

URLs that were made public by the File Storage Feature will normally be shown as below.

  • File URL:

File Storage Feature can be treated like a general UNIX file system, so you can create a directory of any number layers. However, if you make the directory layers too intricate, there lies a problem that users are going to have a hard time finding files. But now that it supports URL simplification, simplified URLs like below are offered, and now users can download with a file name only.

  • Simplified File URL:

There are circumstances in which two different files with a same name coexist in a project, and in those cases, simplified URL will show the file with the latest time stamp. By the way, this form of URL is the same as the one on File Release Feature, and the rule of showing the latest file will apply to the File Release Feature as well as the File Storage Feature.

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