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2020-06-13 13:41
Rezensionen von BASIC

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たいへん使いやすいソフトウェアです。数値計算、作図、統計処理、幾何学 分析に重宝しています。

2018-12-03 07:03
Rezensionen von wvinton

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for a version of BASIC for MacOS for a LONG time that works essentially the same as the TrueBASIC I grew up with. This is exactly what I have needed to explore the basic structure of a programming idea in a quick and painless manner, without having to deal with the layers of complexity that "modern" languages impose. I'm not really interested in developing apps, so Decimal BASIC has allowed me to dive into my explorations full bore!
It's the BASIC I grew up learning as an undergraduate - it seems to work flawlessly so far! Perfect for what I've always used BASIC for in the past - to explore a programming idea rapidly, without having to worry about the various complexities that "modern" programming languages - no matter how "simple" they are - impose on program design and implementation.
I'm not sure I see any, except that on MacOS command-S opens the debugger instead of saving.

2018-09-13 06:46
Rezensionen von Jerónimo

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Great implementation of Full Basic. BasicAcc is great. Thank you very much for this! It is so usefull!
Very powerfull and easy to use tool!

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