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common_source_project-fm7: Liste der Commits

Common Source Code Project for Qt (a.k.a for FM-7).

Rev. Zeit Autor
674ead2 towns_cdrom_rev3 2021-05-05 00:30:01 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][MEMORY] Revert to use primitive_[read|write]. Fix CDROM's some issues (i.e. Crashing Ayayo4).Revert before 3b1be96ae8ef088e7f45b00bb3a3e6c01196b931

ec1b955 2021-04-26 23:06:22 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM_CDC] Add header of CDC.Still implementing this.

e91b26d 2021-04-09 01:39:20 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM_CDC] Implement around I/O.This still be imcomplete.

04a2c95 2021-04-09 01:38:27 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM][DMAC] Apply before commit: Use ACK bus arbiytation to transfer.

0e105de 2021-04-09 01:37:24 K.Ohta

[VM][UPD71071] Add read_io16(), write_io16() and ACK feature.

280a3cf 2021-04-01 03:01:55 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM] Start to implement CDC DEVICE class.

6f36095 2021-03-17 00:51:36 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM] Fix around re-calculate TOC table.

b54c4d6 2021-03-17 00:41:35 K.Ohta


182d87a 2021-03-12 20:25:56 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM] Fix around read functions.

6c22732 2021-03-12 20:08:58 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM] Implement reading functions.

4687c6c 2021-03-12 17:28:06 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM] Move methods to cdrom_skelton.cpp .

c2c6b8c 2021-03-12 02:27:00 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM] Update skelton.Add definition of CUE/BIN image.

3a26f89 2021-03-04 20:28:13 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM] Start to re-implement new CDROM class.Implement skelton of virtual CD-ROM image(s).

2d1e86a 2021-02-28 01:47:18 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][SCSI] Add a PORT: 0C34h.

bd9e04c 2021-02-28 01:35:09 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CRTC][TIMER][MEMORY] Improve around I/O.

4ee8bb1 2021-02-25 01:43:10 K.Ohta


5d111e4 2021-02-25 01:42:37 K.Ohta

[BUILD][CMAKE] Remove PrecompileHeader.cmake .

129180c 2021-02-25 01:22:57 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][CDROM][WIP] Fixing around booting from some version(s?) of TOWNS OS. i.e)AYAYO 4.

333b1f7 2021-02-25 01:22:09 K.Ohta

[VM][FMTOWNS][DMAC] Remove some variables.Update state save version.

62df76d 2021-02-05 16:22:46 Kyuma Ohta

[VM][WIN32] Fix FTBFSs with LLVM/MinGW32.

157ebfe upstream_20210124 2021-02-03 01:11:00 K.Ohta

[VM][I286][I86][V30][FMR][PC9801] Separate namespace CPUTYPE ENUMS.

[VM][I286][I86] Fix weird bitmask default value.

c2a10e8 2021-02-03 00:36:45 K.Ohta

[VM][I286_NP21] Prepare to include.

ba630c7 2021-02-02 23:52:37 K.Ohta

[UI][Qt][VM] Add EMUs: Canon BX1 and MITEC MP85.

fd98b9a 2021-02-02 23:37:56 K.Ohta

[UI][Qt][I18N] Update translations.

[VM][BX1][MP85] Add unique namespace to VMs.

b3281dc 2021-02-02 21:48:57 K.Ohta

[UI][Qt][SMB80TE] Add more DIPSWs.

[UI][Qt][PC8801] Remove a unneeded line.

a24ff88 2021-02-02 15:24:08 K.Ohta

[VM][PC8801] Revert changes upstream 2021-01-17; for draw_screen().These make unstable VM running when changing GUI (with Qt).

723c6c5 2021-02-02 14:59:44 K.Ohta

[UI][Qt][PC8801][PC98DO] Update UIs.

8e55032 2021-01-31 23:38:15 K.Ohta

[General] Update revisions.

235f06c 2021-01-31 23:37:17 K.Ohta

[VM][General] Merge Upstream 2021-01-21.

0fd5162 2021-01-31 23:31:25 K.Ohta

[VM] Merge Updtream 2021-01-17.

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